Increasing return on investment per hour of study

We make online learning tools for professional exams. Our solutions are exam focused and incorporate proven techniques from Ed Tech and Education Psychology.


Our Tools


10 to 12 minute animated explainer videos help you quickly get to grips with the key concepts and show you what to expect in the exam. Includes practical explanations, visual learning aids and suggested revision.


Decision trees and mind-maps give you a step-by-step guide to answering questions in the exams. Our customised flashcards are ideal for revision, helping the knowledge to stick.


Self-assessment tool with customised feedback helps you start applying the knowledge you’ve learned. Build your confidence by starting with the basics and work up to more complex questions.

Why We Do It

The study of professional exams has changed little in the last 50 years. It still relies heavily on the ‘lecturer on a stage’ model and positions students as passive consumers of information. Passive learning techniques have been shown to be highly ineffective, particularly in professional exams where knowledge must be applied in exams rather than simply reproduced.

Examfly develops online learning tools for professional exams. We combine years of experience in exam preparation with proven techniques from education technology and educational psychology.

Examfly has progressed from idea stage to revenue generation in less than 18 months and has received seed investment from Enterprise Ireland and the Bolton Trust Angel Fund. We have expanded our team and our board of advisors, in particular adding experience in technical development and scaling internationally.

About Us