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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Examfly?

Examfly is an innovative AI-driven learning platform designed to transform professional education, starting with professional qualifications in accounting and tax. Examfly leverages cutting-edge technology to create personalized, engaging, and effective learning experiences for those sitting professional exams.

What types of courses does Examfly offer?

Examfly offers a variety of courses in accounting and tax, currently serving the UK and Irish Associate of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisor qualifications.  The Examfly Platform is tailored to the exact requirements of the relevant professional syllabi and exams. Examfly also offers ‘fundamentals’ courses in accounting and tax, suitable for new joiners, summer interns, co-op students etc.  Request a demo to learn more.

What makes Examfly different from other e-learning platforms?

Examfly distinguishes itself through a combination of advanced technology, engaging learning methods, and a design tailored for Gen Z learners from diverse backgrounds.  Examfly marries the technical rigour of traditional methods with the interactivitity and engagement of modern technology.

How does Examfly personalise the learning experience?

Examfly tracks every interaction a user has with the platform, using this data to tailor subsequent learning interactions to the individual’s performance, learning habits, and needs. This data-driven personalisation ensures that users receive the most relevant and effective content for their learning journey.

What reporting can firm’s expect with Examfly?

Examfly’s comprehensive reporting capabilities provide firms with detailed insights into learner engagement with the Examfly Platform, progress and skill development.

Does Examfly have a mobile app?

Yes, Examfly offers a mobile app that allows learners to access the Examfly Platform on the go. The app provides the same personalised and engaging learning experience as the web platform, ensuring that users can learn anytime, anywhere.

How can my firm get started with Examfly?

To get started with Examfly, simply request a conversation or demo here. Examfly’s solutions can be tailored to the needs of different firm sizes and qualification paths.  Implementation of the Examfly Platform within an organisation is typically a matter of hours.